Specialized Packing Services

Packing all of your things is the first step to moving. Whether you are moving locally or are moving to another house halfway across the country, you will need to make sure that you pack all of your belongings with great care. Most people are often overwhelmed with the whole moving process, and end up making little mistakes when packing their things up. If items aren’t packed properly, there’s a very strong chance that they will get damaged along the way, and that’s the last thing anyone wants! To help make moving a breeze for you, we offer specialized packing services to our customers at the most affordable rates.

Why Us?

Cross Country Moving & Storage is one of the leading moving companies across the country. Having established ourselves as the first choice for customers nationally when it comes to moving, we believe in making life as easy as possible for our customers. We offer a full packing service to our customers at very cost-effective rates, but if you don’t want our full service, you can also choose a partial packing option.

With the amount of experience that we have in this field, we guarantee that everything will be packed with great care so that even if there’s contact during the move, it won’t damage your furniture or electronic items. Many people have delicate items in their house such as flat LED TVs, electronic items like computer monitors, guitars, and a lot more. Naturally, the packing process is different for all of kinds of items, which is why it’s important that you hire a professional for the packing process.

At Cross Country Moving & Storage, we can help you not just in packing all of your items but in moving them too. Whether you are moving locally from one house to another or moving across the country, we are the folks you can rely on! Let us take the stress out of moving so that you can focus on other, more important things.


What We Do

When you call us for our full packing service, we will send over a team with all of the equipment needed to assist you with packing. Our team will take into account all of the things that needs to be packed and moved, and we will then get to work. After you agree with the quote for the move, we will start packing all of your items with great care. Everything, ranging from the smallest decorative items to largest furniture items, will be packed. We use high-quality packing material to ensure that nothing will break during the move.

If you only want professional packing for covering larger furniture items that are difficult to pack on their own, then you can choose our partial packing solution. It’s much cheaper, and we will also be done much quicker. Give us a call and let us make your life easy by doing the packing for you! We guarantee maximum safety for all your furniture and prized possessions to ensure that you can move with ease.


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